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Do you feel like opportunities to pursue greatness keeps passing you up? No matter how much you grind, does it appear that you were dealt a bad hand? Have you felt the need to be the person others think you should be to be accepted into their cabinet of elites? Well… You are not alone! Although your past may have marks of imperfection and blemishes, YOUR PAST HAS MADE YOU INTO THE PERSON YOUR WERE DESIGNED TO BE! So, get into the blocks to get ready to run towards your BIGGEST dreams yet! Dreamers take your mark.... Get set… GO!



Experiencing failure serves as a necessary ingredient to developing passion and purpose in your life. In order to truly understand WHY you have failed, you must dig deep into your sense of self. Who are you? What made you? Are you ready to keep it 100? If you can answer the aforementioned questions without second guessing your responses, then you are ready for the fullness God has in store for you. But, you also must be ready to speak to your past failures in a bold way to keep from living the lie people thought you’d live!



The Ghetto is a Lie helps readers unveil the hidden hurdles that have been keeping them from living the life that was specifically designed by their creator. It allows the reader to embrace their make up, embrace their childhood community, and embrace their past failures to dive deep into living a purposeful life that will result in being simply AMAZING!


Are you ready to be the anomaly of your community by truly living your best authentic life?


In this book you will…

  • Reject generational curses that plague your family.
  • Redefine your true sense of self despite the naysayers.
  • Rededicate yourself to your community.
  • Reactivate your dreams to experience the fullness of life.
  • Refuse to settle for less! You were designed to be great!

The Ghetto is a Lie

  • Paperback with high-gloss

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