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Identify and Reject Generational Curses

Experiencing mishaps can become a frequent pattern in your life.  These mishaps may evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, or situational in nature, and may, at times, cause havoc in your life leaving you feeling trapped and in complete despair.  As Grit Girl, I believe that you have the ability to identify the strongholds that have been holding you back in life. However, in order for you to identify the strongholds in your life, it is imperative that you experience vulnerability and become laser focused on the generational chain you want to break.  


Just because you have seen your family members struggle with similar issues or illnesses doesn’t mean you are required to accept the “hand-me-down!”  You are gritty and you are capable of rejecting anything that is formed against you.


Find out how I broke generational curses that plagued my family for years.

Embrace Failure

vs. Depression

Do you believe in Situational Depression?  Did a traumatic experience trigger your emotions which resulted in you feeling deeply depressed?   If so, you can learn how to overcome depression by applying three strategies that will elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Find out how I learned how to embrace failure after battling situational depression for six months.  How did I seek renewal of my strength in an effort to experience the fullness that God had in store for me? 


Why do I now embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and to “goal dig?”

Owning Your

Authentic Self

Do you experience difficulty keeping it 100% in an effort to be accepted?  Have you taken the code-switching concept to a level of unfamiliarity? If you want people to respect who you are as a person, you must first start with owning your authentic self! 


Get past the negative presuppositions people develop when they evaluate your exterior! You were carefully designed by your creator and shaped by your experiences.  It’s time to learn how to be your authentic self while building social and emotional corporate relationships.  


Learn how to be unapologetically YOU!

Develop an Alpha and Omega Mindset

Although your past may have blemishes and imperfections, your past does not determine your future. People may try to cancel you out or sway you from living a victorious life because you have experienced failure. To become whom you are designed to become in life, you must own the belief that it’s not the level of failure that determines your ability to bounce back; it is your faith and gritty actions that will overcome any situation at its bleakest moment. 


Learn how to develop and maintain an Alpha and Omega mindset to overcome failure and reject naysayers who attempt to hold you back.

Dream Like You're a Product of Your Environment

Growing up in a tumultuous environment filled with alcohol and violence wasn’t easy.  Have you ever tried to be different from the environment that surrounded you, but people keep telling you that you will never be different from the environment that shaped you?  Do you believe that you can be the anomaly in your community?


Being a product of your environment usually carries a negative connotation.  What does a product of your environment mean to you? Learn how to activate your dreams using the ingredients from your environment to become the best version of yourself.  


The only thing that is keeping you from living your best life is your unwillingness to dream big!

Learn How to Get Gritty and Stay Gritty

To develop grit, one would need to truly understand what grit looks like.  One would also need to have a lens on the behaviors of a gritty person.  


To get gritty, it is necessary to understand the various degrees of grit.  


To stay gritty, it is necessary to employ a reflective strategy that could change your life.


Are you ready to get gritty and stay gritty when the cards are stacked against you?  If so, secure me to speak at your next event.

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