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You must develop an Alpha and Omega mindset because your beginning may have been rough, but it does not predict your end!

As a first-generation high school, college, and doctoral graduate, Dr. Gaston has experienced many negative presuppositions that could have derailed her from her dreams, and resulted in a life-long poverty-stricken mindset.

Beating the odds, Dr. Gaston continuously strives to help people transform their mindset by identifying and employing clear strategies to overcome deep-rooted issues that can ultimately halt personal and professional growth.


After battling situational depression, Dr. Gaston learned how to view failure as stepping stones to greatness. She sought the renewal of her strength in an effort to experience the fullness that God had in store for her. She has a winning attitude and a captivating voice to engage any audience.


Dr. Gaston delivers energetic and interactive speaking sessions to empower people to dream BIG!

She is Grit Girl!

Cozette Gaston, Ph.D.

Rejecting the Lies and

Living Your Truth

The Ghetto is a Lie

Are you ready to be the anomaly of your community by truly living your best authentic life? If so, in this book you will learn to:


  • Reject generational curses that plague your family.

  • Redefine your true sense of self despite naysayers.

  • Rededicate yourself to your community.

  • Reactivate your dreams to experience the fullness of life.

  • Refuse to settle for less.


Learn how to embrace failure and be bold about being the author of the next chapter in your life!


​Grit Girl ...

  • Is eager to share strategies to help others live the life they were designed to live.

  • Loves energetic and interactive speaking sessions.

  • Will push people into dreaming BIG.

  • Empowers people to be reflective practitioners.

  • Is an experienced professional developer.

  • Is a consummate leader (has held leadership positions since 1997).

  • Has a winning attitude.

  • Has a captivating voice to engage any audience.

  • Wants to send the message that "You matter!"



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Identify and Reject
Generational Curses
Embrace Failure
vs. Depression
Owning Your
Authentic Self

Dr. Cozette Gaston, aka "Grit Girl," is an energetic, passionate, and personable speaker. Always keeping people engaged, she is well-versed in speaking to audiences from all walks of life. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or background, Dr. Gaston captivates listeners with real-life, personal stories.